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Decorative Curbing Options in Hooper, UT

Personalize your curbing with a combination of any of our color and stamping options. Do you need a high-end project to be the focal point of your yard, or a simple, strong curb to keep your landscaping in place? We can help with projects of all sizes! We use the latest technology to create innovative designs and solutions for our customers. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your decorative curbing project!

Color Selection

Rocky Mountain Series

Rocky Mountain Stone is the most aggressive, natural looking, non-repeating pattern on the market. The Rocky Mountain Stone is hand carved, multi-colored with exceptionally deep impressions that were duplicated from actual stones. This process pushes innovation and is something that you can only get from Curbworks. Each job is custom designed for you. We will make up to 3 samples with the colors you choose to ensure you love the end result before your installation. Who else does that? NOBODY!

Bonneville Series

Bonneville Series – Is our most popular border. Each one of these designs will come with 3 colors and will have deep grout lines to separate each impression. This is a truly unique look that is offered only by Curbworks.

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